Dreams CAN come true; At long last, the mother/daughter portrait she’s always dreamed of; family portrait photographer South Jersey, Philadelphia

Its  a real Zen moment for us when a client comes to us to fulfill their vision for a family portrait. So we were thrilled when Heather contacted us recently to create a black-and-white portrait of her and her daughter with a very specific look. She’d seen the look in a portrait of fashion model Kate Moss and her daughter many years ago, and she promised herself  that if she had a daughter, she would someday have a portrait just like it.  She asked us if we’d consider creating this kind of portrait with her and her beautiful (and beautifully named) daughter, Lyla Blue. Oh yes we would! The session went beautifully, Lyla was super-cooperative, and large framed version of the this portrait now hangs in her home. Of course, we were so thrilled to see Heather’s  reaction to the large portrait that we had to photograph that moment too! During her session we also got some more playful shots, as well as some gorgeous individual images of Lyla. Huge thank- you to you, Heather, for giving us this opportunity to create these stunning images, and for helping you fulfill your dream.

Defining your brand, with amazing images

Branding images and headshots have never been more important than they are today.  They need to reflect your brand, and they need to be flattering.   For every  client, we include a pre-session consultation, to meet with you, get a sense of the image you want to convey, and to zero in on your brand.  From there, we’ll select the perfect location, clothing, and mood to accomplish that look. And it’s the same approach for  team photos, individual headshots or candid, on-the-job images… we want your company’s brand to shine through.  And of course, you need to look amazing, so we use our knowledge of lighting, lenses and angles to create the MOST FLATTERING images possible.  Check out some examples of our work…


Our high school senior sessions…a great yearbook photo, but so much more

We know you look forward to your senior portraits, but the high school photography doesn’t always deliver.  That’s why we create a fantastic yearbook photo as part of our high school senior photo coverage (yup, you can use your own photographer for your yearbook picture…and get a natural, flattering image that you’ll actually want to look at)  But the best part of our senior photography is the ‘location’ session.  You pick the place (street scene, old building, railroad trestle…we love shooting outside the box),  and we’ll do a creative photo session that really captures who you are.  Plus, we offer albums, wall portraits, prints, graduation announcements… all kinds of ways to show off your great shots. Have questions, or want to schedule a session?  Give us a call…(856)858-9058, or contact us through the contact form above.  You CAN have awesome senior portraits!

Who says headshot sessions can’t be fun? Camden County Chamber location session

Whenever we’re brought in to do headshots for an entire staff, we really have to be pumped.  It’s a lot of people counting on us to make them look good. It usually takes hours of concentration and coaxing, and we need to bring it, big time.  So when we landed the plumb assignment of shooting the staff of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce this year,  we felt the gravity of the project.  After all, these images were going on the Chamber’s  website, and these individuals are very well known in the Camden County  business community.  We needed to make them look good, to say the least.  We think  we nailed it,  and they apparently  felt the same way.  If you haven’t been on the Chamber site recently and seen their new headshots, you can check out the results here.   The best part was we really had a great time with these folks.  There was much laughter, and silliness, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, their headshots are terrific, but we love these ‘outtakes’. Check out Art, Bob, Debra and Mel here…how fun is this???

Family portrait session, perfect for holiday cards.

We loved the warm tones in this family session with Shandi, Rob and their three girls.  Along with the portraits we designed for them, Shandi wanted a classic, simple holiday card to send to family and friends.  I loved the casual images she chose, especially the ‘walking away’ shot, which she used on the back of the card.  Such a natural, un-posed look.