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Dreams CAN come true; At long last, the mother/daughter portrait she’s always dreamed of; family portrait photographer South Jersey, Philadelphia

Its  a real Zen moment for us when a client comes to us to fulfill their vision for a family portrait. So we were thrilled when Heather contacted us recently to create a black-and-white portrait of her and her daughter with a very specific look. She’d seen the look in a portrait of fashion model Kate Moss and her daughter many years ago, and she promised herself  that if she had a daughter, she would someday have a portrait just like it.  She asked us if we’d consider creating this kind of portrait with her and her beautiful (and beautifully named) daughter, Lyla Blue. Oh yes we would! The session went beautifully, Lyla was super-cooperative, and large framed version of the this portrait now hangs in her home. Of course, we were so thrilled to see Heather’s  reaction to the large portrait that we had to photograph that moment too! During her session we also got some more playful shots, as well as some gorgeous individual images of Lyla. Huge thank- you to you, Heather, for giving us this opportunity to create these stunning images, and for helping you fulfill your dream.

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Xavier’s first birthday; family portrait session


We’ve been doing yearly sessions with Sabrina and Nick since their daughter Sienna was born.  (actually before….with her maternity session). Here’s our latest shoot, for their little guy, Xavier’s first birthday.  Sabrina brought along this terrific chalkboard, filled with Xavier’s favorite things! 

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Honoring fathers.

Here’s a look back at some of the father’s I’ve been lucky enough to photograph recently.  Seeing them all grouped together like this just makes me smile.

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Show us the love

Show us the love. That’s what we’re asking of our clients when they come to us for portraits of their family.  Yes, we’ll sit down with you beforehand and help you choose the perfect clothing, a great  location, we’ll make sure the lighting is magical and we’ve posed you in a natural, flattering way so you look your best. But when all  is said and done,  what really matters is the love.  We want you to show us the love.  Not only does that make the most  beautiful wall portraits and albums, but its what’s going to move you most when you look back at images of your family in years to come. You want to be able to look back later and feel the love.  And it’s that, more than anything else, that we want to do for you.

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Just shy of a smile

As usual, some of my favorite images from last year weren’t the big smiley shots, but the quieter ones, the ones that were  just shy of a smile.  I’m not sure why that is. Maybe that’s a person’s most natural, least self-conscious expression.  Or maybe it allows us to really pay attention to someone’s eyes, so we’re actually seeing a glimpse of what they are feeling on the inside.

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