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Honoring fathers.

Here’s a look back at some of the father’s I’ve been lucky enough to photograph recently.  Seeing them all grouped together like this just makes me smile.

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Just a little something to hang onto; family portrait session of two sons

I remember when my son had his first haircut. The blonde curls, painstakingly allowed to grow for two years without so much as a trim, came off in one fell swoop at his first haircut. I don’t know who cried more, me or him. I kept those blonde curls in a little ziploc. Still have them in fact, stuffed between pages in his baby book. He doesn’t get it…’that’s gross, Mom.’ But it means so much to me. A little piece of him, to keep forever.

Its those curls that come to mind when I think about this recent session I did for Matt Cosenza. Matt and his wife Stephanie are the owners of Amazing Tree Landscaping in Franklinville. Matt wanted to surprise Stephanie for her birthday with a portrait of their two handsome sons, Danny and Jon. As we did the session, I just kept thinking about this mom, with these two adorable sons on the brink of adulthood, about to move on with their lives, and yet loved as much, if not more than ever, by her. By dad, too, of course, and that was so obvious from watching the three of them goof around together at the session. So clearly connected and comfortable with each other. But it was Stephanie who was on my mind when I was shooting, trying to see what she see in these boys, what it is she wants to hold onto, in the pages of their baby books.

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Black-and-white Relationship Session; Family portraits with the grandpa’s

We do sessions at least once a year  with Christine and Kevin, and over the years, we’ve created a rich visual record of their family, along with some charming images of their adorable twins. But this recent session was even more special because both grandpa’s came along to be photographed with them.  I love these intergenerational shots – these are the ones that will be extra-priceless as time goes on.   

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Show us the love

Show us the love. That’s what we’re asking of our clients when they come to us for portraits of their family.  Yes, we’ll sit down with you beforehand and help you choose the perfect clothing, a great  location, we’ll make sure the lighting is magical and we’ve posed you in a natural, flattering way so you look your best. But when all  is said and done,  what really matters is the love.  We want you to show us the love.  Not only does that make the most  beautiful wall portraits and albums, but its what’s going to move you most when you look back at images of your family in years to come. You want to be able to look back later and feel the love.  And it’s that, more than anything else, that we want to do for you.

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Just shy of a smile

As usual, some of my favorite images from last year weren’t the big smiley shots, but the quieter ones, the ones that were  just shy of a smile.  I’m not sure why that is. Maybe that’s a person’s most natural, least self-conscious expression.  Or maybe it allows us to really pay attention to someone’s eyes, so we’re actually seeing a glimpse of what they are feeling on the inside.

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